What I have watched this week. May 26-2012

Let me see.

I did catch up on Survivor Season 24 but to be honest did not like this season at all, so I did not even watch the last few eps. I checked who had won and that turned out someone I did not like very much. Oh well.

What I did instead was to download Season 22 of Survivor. Redemption Island. I know there are fans who hated that season but I enjoyed it. So much so that I watched it twice.Loved who won.

This afternoon I decided to download the first episode of Duets. This is another singing contest but with the worst judging system to date. There are 4 “famous” coaches, who auditioned to find 2 unknown singers to sing duets with. The other 3 judges are the ones that vote. Kelly Clarkson ended up in the bottom wit both of her acts. What I also did not like were the contestants were very alike with a few exceptions. I liked Kelly’s picks. Alas, I do not think I am going to follow this show.

Yesterday I watched episode 2 of The Bachelorrette with Emily Maynard. So far I am not thrilled with the guys. She had her first date with a kind of creepy guy:Ryan. She took him to her house to bake cookies. he pretended to like it but you could read through him. (He wanted the helicopter and the rich and famous) lol What else? O yes I got annoyed by one guy who is a dad:Doug,and he got all hot and bothered because Kalon, someone who is not well liked by the other guys at all, said he had put his being a parent on hold. I can see if you get upset, well not really ;), but the way he talked. He did not let kalon get a word in. He was very threatening I thought. It is fun to have a Dutch guy in there. Arie.Hope he is nice. he is kinda short for a Dutch guy though. 😉

Right now I am watching Germany’s Next Top Model S07 episode 12. Someone, the uploader from the torrent on demonoid, told me eps 13 is going to be filled with drama so I can’t wait. Still enjoying Sara, I like Dominique and Diana. Still getting sick of all the gushing about Luisa. (She is stunning though and she will probably win, but it is annoying to see the judges having favourites)

The Voice Australia is only once a week and I was so looking forward to see Lakyn Heperi perform again. Alas it was a bit of a let down. Still love his voice but you could feel his nerves. He is gorgeous but very young and I think he is insecure, which showed. I really hope people vote for him. I also like Darren Percival. My favourite team is Joel’s. That is why I hate the way they judge this show.

Tonight The Voice UK. One of few shows I can watch in real time. Loving Max Milner.

I have watched more shows but can’t cover them all. Off to drink some coffee.