Hello world!

    Hi, I started this blog because I visited a site called Clever Reality Recaps Blogs and if there is one thing I like it is to watch Reality TV.I just signed up so I could like and maybe respond to their posts, but then I realized I can write my own blog so maybe I will give it a try. (I am totally new to this)

My name is Marlene. I live in The Netherlands. English is not my first language so bare with me. Because of this I have to download all the shows I like to watch. I used to run a Reality TV server on #survivor-central. Now I download them through torrents or newsgroups. Shows I am following right now:

  • The Bachelorette
  • The Voice UK
  • The Voice Aus.
  • The Apprentice UK
  • The Ultimate Fighter
  • Tough Love
  • Germany’s Next Top Model (Best NTM)
  • US Next Top Model. (I love the British girls!)

Shows that just ended and I also watched were:

  • Britain’s got More Talent. (First time I’ve watched this)
  • The Voice US ( Same outcome as Season 1. yawn)
  • Fashion Show
  • The Biggest Loser (What a horrible winner)
  • The Biggest Loser Aus. (I still have to catch up)
  • Survivor (I’m still watching, playing catch up)
  • The Apprentice. (Have to see the final.)

Let’s take The Apprentice US. OMG. I thought I’d like Aubrey O Day but she proved me wrong. What a horrible woman!
Same with Lisa although I did not know her but how she treated Diana was appalling. (Not sure if this is the way I spell that word) 😉

Dancing With The Stars: I decided not to watch it after watching the first few episodes.
I realized very quickly it would be another season of watching Derek and Mark with ringers and the judges constantly drooling over them. So glad I was smart because yes I was right. (I am a Maks fan by the way)

Oops I wanted to introduce myself and here I am typing away.One Show I am looking forward to is Big Brother US (My favourite BB)

Off to watch some GNTM and the last semi final of BGT.