Who made us judge and executor?

I remember a year or 2 ago someone sent me a video where a man stepped into a bus and then tried to steal a woman’s bag. While he was nearly out of the door the busdriver closed the door so the guy was stuck and the busdriver began hitting him until the police came. I showed this to my 80 year old mom and I said `look mum, Karma is a bitch”. My mum said she did not like the video.I asked why not and she said it could have been my son and that all the violence against him was not necessary. I was surprised but after a while I noticed I began to be less judgemental. I still want a killer to be caught and get to jail.I still think the justice system is a failure especially towards the victims. The victims are the ones let down. It happens a lot that the defendant’s lawyer attacks them and that is even accepted.  So I have not become a softie but in the case of the above mentioned video I was loving that the “bad guy” was slapped and beaten.yes karma hahahaha. well done. Loved watching it and I think this moment is not my best. It makes me cruel and that is what seems to be happening around the world.

Nowadays when you make a mistake in public,people will call your job to tell them you have to be fired, your family and friends and will demand  to leave you and tell them what you did and how disgusting you are and your friends are too because they are still in contact with you.


It feels like a witch hunt but then all those hunters are sitting behind their computers and mobiles and it is so easy to point your finger towards others.

But when real serious things are going on and they are being lied to you will not hear them.





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