If I could travel to America, where would I like to go?

Hmm. I was thinking about this, because a friend on facebook (Melinda Stogsdill ) asked me and said, I could stay with her. I am 60% sure my other American friends would like me to come visit too. (I’ve gone from I am sure to 60 % lol) , so then I thought what would I like to see.

Well. I have been to America when I was 20 or so. It was with my half American,half Dutch boyfriend Alex. We flew to New York and from NY to LA. We spend time in LA. Also stayed with my family who lived in Anaheim at that time. We visited Disney Land and we stayed in the Disney hotel. Okay, we slept in a cupboard, but hey, I can say I slept there. 😉

One thing I know, I had such a great time. We stayed there for 3 months or so. Visited Nappa Valley. I remember there was a geyser. Loved to visit the wine places and taste it. I am not a wine drinker. prefer beer over wine always!

I also have good memories thinking about Santa Cruz. Amazing, lying on the beach, behind you squirrels were playing, and in front of you you could see the sea lions goofing around in the sea.

Okay back to the now and here.

If I could visit I would love to see the big plantations, the cotton fields if there are any left? visit Atlanta. Yes, it is obvious, I loved Gone with the Wind.;)

New York! Yes we slept there for 1 night but I did not see a thing. Love to visit the statue of Liberty, and go into town. Coney island or how it was called : Conyne Eylandt, or Konijneneiland (rabbit isle)

Las Vegas. Not for gambling but just to see all the amazing hotels there. If I had money I would like to gamble of course 🙂

Yes thinking about it I would also love to see the Dutch places. Pella Iowa. That is where this idea started. Melinda told me she visited there and was thinking about me.

OMG. I can’t think. I love to see the more historical places.  Okay I do better and will ask on Facebook which places are a must to visit.

The thing is America is so huge. it is like the whole of Europe and I can’t imagine visiting Europe all in once.
One things sucks. I think it will take me 2 years to save up enough to go. Oh well nothing wrong with some dreaming so now and then. 🙂


5 thoughts on “If I could travel to America, where would I like to go?

  1. Well, we have thousands of acres of cotton in TX, but the “plantations” are a thing of the past. The town we live in use to have the largest cotton gin in the world! Lots of old Victorian houses here as well! It’s one of things it’s famous for! That said, Louisiana has some WONDERFUL plantation homes that are open to visit! I’ve only been in a few, but would love an excuse to see more!!!
    I’m sure Melinda and I would have a blast showing you Iowa! I think I told you my sister married into a Dutch family, so I have a whole bunch of places you’d love to visit! I have a sneaky feeling you are right about trying to see too much! Maybe you can keep this visit generally along the Mississippi River? From the Gulf of Mexico up to Minnesota if you’d like! My husband is from the St. Louis area so we can hit that city as well! You have awhile to contemplate…and you are 100% guaranteed a place to stay with me! HUGS!

  2. I have never been to the states..can I come stay too, Mel? I’d love to see NY..but my daughter thinks it might be scary! I guess I’d like to visit the places we read about and where my online friends are 🙂

  3. O yes. Same here Sunny. I do think I have to agree with you Christine. One state, maybe 2 max. I remember when I was in California, we did travel to Nevada and it was a long ride. You must not forget you can ride through all of The Netherlands in max 3 hours. Texas and the Mississippi river sounds perfect to my ears. Sunny, I am lucky enough that I traveled quite a bit when I was young. France, Spain, Croatia, America when I was with my above mentioned boyfriend. With Rowena I visited Spain, Turkey and Norway and Tenerife and with my parents lots of vacations in the UK.
    It seems it was so easy to go everywhere when I was younger. of course it was, ou do not have any kids, I did not have a permanent job. I worked for a few months to get enough money to travel. No rent because I lived in a squad.Now the only problem is money really. Rowena could stay here to care for my cats. I do think having money does not make you happy but I also think the lack of money can make you unhappy. 🙂

  4. Well, I can’t relate to not having to sit in a car for hours on end to get anywhere! It would be so nice to have things closer I think. It’s nothing for me to hop in the car and drive 14 hours! That’s to St, Louis, but I don’t even mind it! I listen to a book and keep on driving! My grocery store is nearly an hour away! Maybe that’s why mass transit has a hard time working in Texas. Everything is so spread out! Anyway, I still think you need to go up to Iowa, FOR SURE!! But, I’ll be happy to drive you :>)

  5. Well It has been many years and I could have been in The USA right now. My mum asked her daughters to go with her to America. California and she and one of my sisters is there now. Alas I decided it was too risky for me to go because of my health. I suffer from GERD which gives me severe chronic pain at times and stress is one thing that can trigger it. I am glad I decided not to go because right now I am suffering from a lot of pain and when I have pain I want to be home. Then again when I see the photo’s my sister and mum posted I do feel a tingle of jealousy but I am very happy for them. It is their first time there and my mum is meeting her sister.

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