Little things that make me happy

I love woodlouse.

Two days ago I called my dad bursting out of my body. I was overjoyed because I had just ordered a brand new TV!  Hardly able to speak coherently, my dad got the gist of it, and he then told me, how he loved that I was so happy over I  a new TV. That it was a good thing to still be able to enjoy small things. (although  buying a new TV is  not small to me)

He made me think and he does have a point. Because I am used to not having a lot of money buying something new is such a treat. I could jump from joy. Then I started to wonder, what makes me happy? I came to the conclusion, indeed small things do.

Coffee makes me happy. I wake up and can really look forward to my first cup.Chococlate makes me happy too. Yes I know, it is not good for me but hey, I can really look forward going to bed and eating half a bar of chocolate very slowly.

This morning when I woke up the first thing  do is feed my cats and then feed the birds.

While in the garden I listened to a blackbird singing his heart out in the top of a tree. I thanked him for the song. yes confession: I talk to animals and bugs! I talk to the birds, to the cats but even worse, sometimes I talk to snails and woodlouse. I am sure people in the neighbourhood think I am the lunatic lady, but I do not care any more!

Okay back on topic : I love when my great tits. …………. (My God that sounds very weird. They give little gorgeous birds such weird fly near my window, alerting me that the food is gone in the little house my dad build for them.

My cats make me happy sometimes, make me laugh when they have their 5 crazy minutes.

So Happiness to me is enjoying the small moments. What is happiness for you?


6 thoughts on “Little things that make me happy

  1. At the moment knowing I”m not the only one talking to the animals (domestic and wild) in the morning! =) Nice blog! *waves*

  2. O yes. It is so important to enjoy her, because time flies. I still remember the time Roena was so small, and she loved to get on my lap. I can feel her head under my chin. Alas I can also feel her head bumping my chin. auch!

  3. I think I have to agree with you, that taking time to enjoy the small things really makes my soul the happiest! We are moving into a very rural area now that my husband is trying to retire. We have some property in central TX. We have tried to create a lake here to enjoy – we put fish in it this spring and we feed them every night! I talk to them a lot! We put in several purple martin houses and they are so much fun to watch and listen to as they swoop over the little lake eating bugs! The frogs sing to us along with the cicada and locus. Plus we have so many cool birds and lizards around to watch! One lizard actually has a blue tail! Very impressive little fellows! I’m thinking about starting a blog about all the little things that happen around here daily… It’s good to keep that child like excitement in our lives! I totally embrace it and the older I get the less I care how other people feel about it! :>) I get excited to see new leaves budding from tress! I love watching the shadows the sun casts through the leaves through the day! But I still don’t like running into spiderwebs with my face! :>)

    • Wow. Love reading your post. Yes! You should definitely do that. Write a blog. While reading your post I could just picture everything. I do feel we are in some ways alike. So are you already living there permanently? In Texas I mean. Love to see some pictures. O an example what just made me happy. I thought it was Saturday and tomorrow my family would come here to remove the hedge because I am getting a new “o I do not know English word. schutting” ( fence! haha. So i was already worrying, I have to do this and that. All of a sudden I discovered it was Friday, so I feel like I have been given an extra day to enjoy! yay. lol

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